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shout out to trevorb

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by proxygo, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    i no trevorb is on a short break till sunday but i no he can still read forum.

    as alot of my subs no i run a very old machine for TCP port scanning proxies
    with requires xp/sp1 primary for looking for blocks of proxies to build for scrapebox
    ive done that 5 yrs and had very very good results.

    now, as ive also started small gscraper thread as well lot of my subs no as gscraper
    requires xp/sp2 and my port scanner has to run on xp/sp1 my proxie pc will never run it
    but oddly it will run s/box on xp/sp1

    anyways when it comes to lists of proxies for scrapebox - lists are flawless .
    sadly lists for gscraper rely on people telling me what kind of proxies work toss me a
    sample i go scan for them, an average list comes out about 2.5k with about 55% working
    as not being able to run gscraper on the scanning pc i cant filter the crap but subs dont mind
    as its one fee use.....

    back to trevor hes gone away for 4 days and has allowed me access to his vpn to use his
    gscraper for a few days, this gave me the chance to run my port scanner and his gscraper side
    by side , what a difference that made. in 1 night as he only went away today i found and built
    ip block for gscraper to the tune of 8000 proxies. [ build it and they will come lols ]

    so cheers trevorb with 3 days to go just think how many more blocks ill make, and its all for subs
    to get better lists, happy subs happy proxygo