Should You Boost Legit Authority Links with Tier 2 (or Social?)

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by worldatlarge, Aug 1, 2017.


What Should I Do With True, Legit, White Hat Links from Real Authority Sites?

  1. Nothing. Leave them alone because they are real links on real authority sites!

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  2. Buy a high quality Tier 2 boost package from BHW to increase PA (NOT DA!)

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  3. Send the article(s) social singals (shares) since the articles are not always hugely popular

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  4. Both. Tier 2 links AND Social signals

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  1. worldatlarge

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    May 6, 2014
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    Hi there, I was wondering if I could get your opinion.

    I work hard to get legitimate authority backlinks, as in: I do real outreach, and get real interviews with journalists over a wide variety of websites. Yes, some of them are sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, etc. Other sites are corporate blogs and small-medium websites.

    But the key is they are lily white, as white as you can get.

    So, part of me thinks to just leave them be, because the sites I get links from are so high authority, I don't think it would actually add any SEO value to try boosting them with a Tier 2 (whether it's a tier 2 that I built, or if I bought a Tier 2 package here on BHW).

    Another part of me wonders if I should do a little bit of 'social boosting' for these white hat links.

    You see, I am not in any sort of very popular industry, nor a controversial industry.

    So when I got a link on the Huffington Post, it was not one of their top articles with 10,000 social shares and 500 comments. It was a real article, but not a popular article as far as Huffington Post is concerned.

    And, the same thing happens with most of my white hat links.

    So, what should I do?

    Thank you for your advise and opinion!!
  2. aidenhera

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    I had same concern. Question was if you could boost the authority of authority sites by adding more authority links. And i did made additional T2 of authority links under do-follow tier 1. (assuming they are free)
  3. darulez

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    oh. this is so sick...

    why dont you get ahrefs and check their rankings and linkprofile before doing any outreach?? you wouldnt even ask that question to blast crap links then.