Should we make a comments ring?


Dec 11, 2008
If you read this thread:

You'll see how much good comments can mean for a why not help each other out with great comments? You don't need to fill out their CPA offer (unless you are feeling really generous), but just a quick one sentence comment saying how you got whatever is offered for free would be great and help us all out.

I'll start, here's my video.

Anybody who posts their video, I'll leave a good comment on.
Left both of you guys great comments, and autoglass, could you leave one saying how well it worked (the offer) instead of just that you want one? If you aren't busy, that is.

I'd appreciate a comment + rating from you only takes 10 seconds! Thanks.
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The Idea is ok. But why not just get Tube Automator? You can do it your self then, and make as many comments you like.
Great idea!

I'll leave a comment to all the guys above. Feel free to post on my tube video something like: "Yeah, great guitar AMP! Have one myself for 2 years and still plays great"

Here's the video just made today:

Thanks for your amazing comment.

aistee: TubeAutomator - Expensive

I've left all of you comments yet I've only gotten them back from sackshoe and autoglass.

I have Tube Booster and Tube Increaser but I cannot figure out the comment on either. I guess you have to make tons of accounts and put in comments.
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Thanks pythonimp for your comment (and rating?). Just left a comment too at your video (+ highest rating).

this thread should be pinned :)
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