Should my "received from" ip rotate using a VPS for emailing?

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    I want to send some craigslist emails.

    I'm using a vps with 10 ip's. I can select the main ip manually, for the vps, but this main ip does not rotate.

    I've been testing. I send an email, then go to the receiver and check the ip's on the email, I want to make sure ip's are rotating.

    This is where Im at, I see 3 ip's when I click "show original" inside the gmail email.

    Received: from lalaDOTcom ---this ip is the ip I chose as my main ip in the vps, it will not rotate automatically
    Received: from Owner-PC------this ip is my personal computer ip, I don't want to rotate it
    Message-ID:---------------------this ip rotates perfectly in vps

    Should the "Received: from lalaDOTcom" ip rotate even though it is the main vps ip?