Should i start a Blog or Article directory?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by lesaurus, Nov 9, 2009.

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    Dear Black hatters,

    This is basically a little cry for help to you to try and push me into the next stage of my IM career.
    I have been reading this forum for probably a year now and I am at the classic stage of information overload. I've tried nearly everything but managed to do NOTHING properly - I keep getting distracted thinking that there must be an easier way to earn my first real money with IM. I have left a trail of half finished projects strewn across the net and have come to the realisation that I need to take a deep breath and just focus on one thing and make it work.
    The way that I see to do this is to reverse engineer things a little and look at what skills I have learnt and what I am good at and then apply these to one of the numerous methods available.

    After a little soul searching I have come to the conclusion that my strength lies in being able to write articulate and convincing articles on literally any subject. I have also learnt many techniques on how to acquire articles the black hat way and they all work very well.

    I have realised that I can create a constant stream of high quality articles and I also realize that content is king and if I just keep writing quality stuff then eventually the money should start flowing.
    I want to keep things white hat as much as possible and want to build something long term and that will let me sleep at night. I don't want to try and work the system anymore because it just seems to cause me frustration. I just need to know where to pour all this energy.

    I have basically come up with three ideas and they are as follows:

    1. Create a blog with quality content and just focus the 30 hrs a week that I spend internet marketing working on this, building back links, writing articles and establishing a reader base.

    2. Start an article directory

    3 Write articles for E-zine selling affiliate products and just absolutely blitz it- write hundreds of the buggers

    All three of these methods will allow my natural skill to flow and I can see all working to some extent - I am just unsure as to which one to choose.

    An article directory has the advantage of allowing content to be submitted by others apart from myself, thus growing a lot quicker. A blog though seems on the surface to allow for a more personal experience for the visitor, more likely to keep him / her coming back for more.

    E-zine, although the results will be quicker, the long term outlook is not so good. I say this because my experience so far seems to be that the articles rank at the beginning getting lots of traffic and after they drop out of the "latest articles" list on E-zine the traffic dies a death.

    Maybe there is a strategy that combines a couple of these techniques to good effect or maybe there?s a better way to go?

    I am really determined to stick at one thing but I've got to be absolutely certain that it is the best way to go.

    So any advice would be very welcome. What I would most like peoples opinions on is the blog vs. article directory dilemma. What is better, has anyone had any experiences with both of these? Where should I apply my writing skills?

    Thanks in advance
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    I don't feel qualified to tell you exactly which route to take. I'll just tell you this. I know exactly how you feel. My path was sort of different than yours. When I first started IM, I found a profitable niche and stuck with it and made really good money. Over time some things changed that caused my income level in that niche to drop significantly. So I hit the forums for new ideas, and I too got hit with information overload. Every other week or month, I kept finding the new best thing. Not until I've gotten absolutely focused on one thing have I gotten my income level back up. Not where it used to be yet, but getting there.

    I'm glad that you already know that you need to focus on one thing. It doesn't really matter which one you choose. Choose the one that YOU feel that you can get started with the easiest and make profitable the easiest. And don't waver from your plan one bit until you do. Now your straight path may turn into a curve, just make sure you stay on the road!