Should I Rewrite My Keyword In The Title When Rewriting My Articles?

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    I was wondering for those that does article marketing with long tail keywords when you rewrite your titles do you also rewrite the keyword?

    Let's say that the keyword/keyphrase that your targeting is "Burn stomach fat quickly" so you create a title called "Burn Stomach Fat Quickly - 3 Things You Must Know to Burn Fat Fast!"

    So when rewriting my article would it make sense to rewrite the keyword as you see BELOW or should I NOT rewrite the keyword at all and keep it as "Burn Stomach Fat Quickly" since that is my keyword?

    "Burn Belly Fat Fast - 3 Tips to Help You Burn Fat Faster
    "Burn Stomach Fat Lightning Fast - 3 Things You should Do For Faster Results
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    Oct 28, 2008
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    Nooooo.. :)

    What's the point in doing keyword research if you're gonna change the keyword anyway? Let's say you want to target medium search volume with low competition and found the keyword: "burn stomach fat quickly", well.. THAT is the keyphrase... That is what people are typing in.. "burn stomach fat lightning fast" get more (in this case, I guess less) searches or more/less competition..

    In simple terms.. Keep your keyphrase as it is in your title! Just get a little bit creative..

    3 Tips To Burn Belly Fat Fast

    Burn Belly Fat Fast - In Only 3 Steps

    3 Things You Want To Do To Burn Belly Fat Fast

    ... You got the drill.. ;)
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