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Should I resubmit Sitemap??? SEO Reasons

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by coolsheet, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. coolsheet

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    So I've got a site that has been ranking pretty well. It has a static sitemap that was submitted over a year ago.

    Since then new pages have been created and so on.

    Here's my concern. Just for an example lets say the site is about "new technology" and the target keyword is "new technology". I have a page titled (H1 and in URL) "What Is New Technology".

    Approx. 6 months after submitting the sitemap I noticed the page ranking poorly and narrowed it down to an on-page over optimization of the long-tail "what is new technology".

    The url would be:


    That was changed to:


    The page still ranked poorly and I had already purchased SEO services from a reputable member here that were high quality. So I decided to use them on this site.

    First 3 months were great. First month there were some warning signs but I communicated, watched them closely, and adjustments were done accordingly.

    Month 4 everything went to shit. Reports weren't submitted, when they finally were there was duplicated content and spun trash everywhere. I lost my mind. Well I corrected most of the content I could but noticed some .gov and .edu links from China. The content was fixed there too.

    These links look like shit and they don't have spammy link profiles or anything. They just look as though they wouldn't have much of an impact. But they did. I was on page 4 for a very competitive keyword and it took me to page 1 position 6. I've slid back to about position 10 over the past year and a half, but have reverted my focus to other "not-so competitive" keywords, that convert better. So still a pretty good improvement in ranking and over 400% increase in traffic. Not bad for shitty links that I honestly couldve created myself. Were talking web 2's with spun content, spun article submissions, infographic submission, video submission..........the basic "High Quality" seo package.

    Now here's the thing.

    The inner page I mentioned is the page we focused on linking to as it looked like a source and not someone attempting to game the search engines with a home page link.

    Thing is that page never ranked until recently and applying a link from HuffPost. It shot from no where to position 20. Before then and still till npw the home page outranks that inner page for the target keyword. The home page has nothing but images and menus. Small blurbs of content here and there. Like your typical home page.

    So my question is:

    If I update and resubmit a sitemap, because the URL changed on that "/what-is-it" inner page, and after what I disclosed, do you think it will have a negative affect on ranking already obtained? I'd assume because it was indexed higher with the HuffPost link that Google would pick up on the other links in the profile and if I was going to decrease rank it would have happened.
  2. bartosimpsonio

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    Mar 21, 2013
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    Make sure to 301 the old one to the new shorter url.

    General rule of thumb is don't ever change URLs.... The impact it'd have is unpredictable though. Just make sure you 301 the old URL to the new one.