Should I make a Google Places listing for this site?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dantob, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I have a site (nichecity[dot]com) that is ranking #1/#2 (goes back and forth) for the main 2 word keyword "niche city" for local business. Now my site and the other site that I am competing with rank above the Google Places "A to G". I set this site up as a rent-a-site model where I will be contacting local businesses in that niche to rent the site once it's ranking.

    So after the GP listings there are 5 more organic listings on the first page. The other site does not have a GP listing.

    So should I go ahead and do a GP listing as well even do the site is ranking above the "A" GP listing? Since now GP is just one listing where your website html title and description are shown along with a letter from A to G. Before you could get two listings one in Google Local on top next to map and another in the organic listing.

    Does it make sense to make a listing and just get a letter designation at my #2 spot assuming I can rank for "A" listing? So then instead of GP starting at #3 it would start at that even possible?

    Anyone having any feedback on this?
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    If as all possible, you should absolutely make a good GP listing.

    They are the future, and as your niche gets more and more competitive they will rank above any other webpage results.

    I took the time to make a brilliant Google Places listing when it was first launched 18 months ago, when it was a-f at the bottom of the page. Now I am in position A at the very top of the page and it is awesome.

    I am not sure how you will implement it with your rentasite strategy.
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    Dantop did you succeed with that? Guys do you have any ideas how to do that with rent-a-site strategy?