Should I just make a new site?

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    Hello BHWers,

    Need some cunning advice if I need to start a new site or use the site I currently have.

    As of now, I currently have a site averaging about 1000 UVs. Now I am planning to start another site that is in the same niche but the oppsoite of it...

    To be a little clearer here is an example: I have one site why you should drive cars vs. make a new site to why shouldn't drive cars.

    Since I am already getting okay traffic on my old site, my first action was to start a category within it. However, something inside me was telling me I might confuse SEs since the seo work is focusing clearly on its intended theme.

    So should I just start a new site or should I just make a category within my site already getting good traffic.
    It's in the same niche just the opposite of each other.

    As of now, I'm leaning towards making a new site but I wonder if anyone here has any advice with this. Anyhow, win or fail, this will be a good learning experiment.

    Cons of making a new site:
    Will take time to build traffic (but not so sure if the traffic will be certain due to factors i.e. comp)

    Pros of building a new site:
    Theme of site is focused.
    SEO of original site is not confused.

    Thanks for reading.
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