Should I Join Every Board On Pinterest?

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    Ok so i got a question for you guys. I have a good Pinterest acc 5k+ organic followers and that increases every day, any way my question is well since i progress very fast im getting invited in many boards in my nich, and my logic is to join them all who are with 1000+ followers(coz that is like 1000+ new followers when i pin something).
    Tell me what you guys think
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    Dec 26, 2011
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    You should invite "dummy accounts", and then pin with them, that way your main account will never get banned when you promote your products.

    And of course you should join them all.
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    I genuinely didn't even recognize what gathering sheets were until about November of a year ago. And afterward through some web journal gatherings began to hear more about them, yet I for one didn't take after any (that I was mindful of) and didn't comprehend what the major ordeal was to be a piece of one.

    Yet, I was told by much greater bloggers than I that I expected to join bunch Pinterest sheets, and substantial gathering Pinterest sheets.

    What's more, they were totally right! Nothing has developed my taking after more than gathering sheets on Pinterest. Pinterest is pass on my greatest movement driver and will probably dependably be my #1 activity referrer. Also, the way to picking up parts and loads of activity from Pinterest is joining gathering sheets on Pinterest.

    Your clients might as of now be loving, remarking and offering your substance to their supporters on Pinterest. Anyhow, welcoming them to stick to your image's gathering board will get them more drawn in and included in your online discussion. It will likewise lift them to the part of brand envoys, who their supporters are more inclined to observe.