Should I create a lot of ad groups in my case?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by dizen, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Adwords noobie here. Stupid question.My site is a ford forum it contains a lot of sub forums e.g. ford aspire forum,ford fiesta forum,ford escape forum and so .on..........

    Can I throw all the keywords on my index page or should I create one ad group for each of my sub forums?

    I will only target content network and not search network.

    Which will get me cheaper clicks and better results, throw all the keywords on my index page or create a bunch of ad groups for each of my sub forums.

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    If you're trying to drive traffic for a particular make+model, e.g. Ford XYZ, then each of these should be in its own separate ad group containing relevant keywords. So, keyword research is important.

    The second option, but only if you have the correct keywords/ad groups, a relevant ad/copy and a relevant landing page/copy. Once you have done initial testing, then optimizing the campaign will bring cheaper clicks if done correctly.