Should I buy question on the capabilities of the service - advice needed


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Jun 19, 2009
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Thanks for reading my question.

Does anyone know the benefits of Anonymizer.

Particularly, I want to know

  1. Do they rotate the outboud IP. e.g. If I am using a scraper (like MS or Micro Niche Finder) would the fact that I have Anonymizer running be beneficial, because Google would be less likely to temporarily bann me (if i was requesting lots of data), because the outgoing IP (from Anonymizer servers) keeps changing.
  2. Would this make my Bittorent downloads private? e.g. my ISP got mad at me last week for downloading Adobe software.
i dunno this prog, i use hidemyip and it works well (you can set to rotate ip, you can set how often and much more)
try strongvpn, if you want full anonymity and your ISP doesn't have a clue what you're doing behind the walls
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I don't think HidemyIP would block your ISP from reading the packets comming down the downstream from the ISP to your house.

This is what COX is doing.

the meanies
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