Should I buy a domain with 1000/month keyword search in Google


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May 26, 2013
Hello all :)

Its a 2 word domain , with business niche


domain keyword has avg 1000 per month searches, suggest bid in adword is also good (less than $2)

.net / .org /.co / .info TLDs are still available to register

so whats your opinion about the domain , should I buy it?
so I can make good adsense / ads money through it?

Thank you
If you are planning to make a Micro Niche site then it would be nice. But nowadays its hard to rank EMD so better try to find some more keywords related to that. Then make a site with this keyword with others.
1000 searches a month is a bit scabby. You would need to be in position one to earn off that and even then its not going to be much.
Forget it, try to find keywords with 5k+ monthly searches.
I wouldn't bother to be honest, unless you are making some sales pitch sites and using them for email accounts. So to answer your question properly, ranking exact match domains is a dying scene.
Yes, you can make good sum of money through adsense with that domain. With proper on page and off page seo you will get a good figure of search engine traffic. Along with adsense sign up with some top affiliates to get more revenue from your site.
I have found a "main key word" with its exact domain name, so you still believe ,its not worth for 1000 monthly avg searches by google?
for example ,

my keyword "buy cars"

and lets say ,I found , , available to register

yes , I am not very good in keyword & domain research
so I asked here for BHW opinions & suggestions
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