Should I build a list ?

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    Hey guys,

    Long time back, an IM guru once told me that if I don't capture email address of visitors, once they exit the browser, my visitors is lost forever, he says how important it is to capture the email address.Now, this thing have been going into my mind all the time, I just want to make the most money from my visitors.

    But the problem is, if I'm building a list, I should really put my effort into creating the funnel and thinking how to monetize the traffic.I can't just move from 1 niche to another easily.

    Would you recommend me to build a list ?

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    I will put this as simply as I can: BUILD YOUR LISTS!

    The beautiful thing about a list is that you have full control over it. It doesn't matter if your website is down or if google bitch slapped it so hard that it's down the the 1000th page you have control of your list, of people who trust and respect you enough to read what you have written when you send out an email. That is something that cannot be bought, only earnt.

    Hell I know guys who have had sites running for YEARS, they don't worry about SEO, they are not concerned at all about where they are ranking or what for and they can't be arsed to hire someone to do it for them. In fact the most I have ever seen these guys do is a bit of social media and that is it everything else comes from their list. Day in and day out they think of nothing but improving their list.

    To them the list is sacred, it is not the next big thing. It is and always will be the thing to them. Of course you probably don't believe me, you don't know these guys and probably couldn't care less but looking at success in all niches in IM one thing is constant: All of the big players have lists, or at the very least an opt-in form to build their list.

    There are at least three good threads (which I am to tired to find right now) that talk about the list or at the very least list building. SO use that search tool. Look for List, building a list, emailing, landing page etc. Read study and apply. Emphasis on the apply, while it is good to read what others have done the best way to learn is to do it yourself.
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    Uppa839 useful post thanks for taking the time to write
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    Unlimited bulk mailing without paying for it
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    YES! build list no matter what you are doing even if you are sleeping BUILD YOUR LIST! even if you are not monitizing the list yet you have access to them ,email them whenever you want like if you have a new website you can just email them and check it out thats instant visitors you can do a lot of things with it, better to have it and not need it
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    I am pretty slack about list building but one of the main benefits (as already stated) is that it provides you with constant traffic regardless of how your sites are doing. All you have to do is be able to deliver to your list and you can make money. However it does take time and can be more time consuming than delivering the surfer straight to an affiliate product, especially if you work in a lot of niches.

    When I was working in adult, building and mailing to lists was a HUGE part of the industry.