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    I where doing a lot of testing, and I found out something interesting.
    Maybe some people know this already, but I never had take a good look at it.
    Anyway lets say you got a big website with a lot of pages about cars.
    My structure will be like this :
    Index = main page linking to all subpages
    |--subpages = like blue cars, red cars, green cars....
    |--sub-subpages = like all kinds of blue cars.

    I hope you all understand how its build.
    Normally I linked on the index to the subpages with their keywords like:
    Blue Cars
    Red Cars
    Green Cars
    and the rest of all the colors available.

    With some colors this is ok. But what if I want to use 1000 kinds of colors.
    It becomes really spammy, because every anchor text has the word "Cars" in it.
    Right now I make the anchors like this :

    It doesn't look spammy anymore. I always thought google now wants to rank the page blue cars for the term : Blue
    But because the title of this page is : "Blue Cars", google is okay with it.
    I also see some better rankings with this.

    When I do this trick the other way with internal anchors like this :
    Blue Cars Cheap
    Red Cars Cheap
    Green Cars Cheap

    and the title of the blue cars page is still "Blue Cars", the page will never rank for the term blue cars for me.

    What I wanted to say is that, spamming long tail keyword anchors (like blue cars cheap, blue cars for sale) to my page is almost not working at all. It is better to use the base phrase like "Blue" to use as an anchor text.

    Anyway I just wanted to share this with you, and to hear some other opinions.
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    ah ... nice idea ... thanks for sharing :)
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    I dont get why Blue Cars Cheap looks spammy, are u saying phrases with 2 keywords are better to use than 3?