Shopping Cart to use for Free Trial Offers and digital Products

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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Hi there,

    I am sure that everyone here has heard of all the top shopping carts out there, But which one to use baffles me!!!.

    1) Every marketer talks about 1shoppingcart, so can someone please explain if they would or would Not use 1shoppingcart for Free Trial Offers?

    2) What is the difference between 1shoppingcart, Ultracart, Limelight, orangecrm, Product2Web or M57?. In what circumstances would you choose one over the other?

    3) When starting out, what would be the best cart to use for free trial, physical and digital offers?

    4) Please explain what type of marketing is suited for each; 1shoppingcart, Limelight, orangecrm, ultracart or M57 .

    Many thanks to all you marketing professors out there...