Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by wallofiron, Oct 7, 2011.

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    For those that sell PHYSICAL products...

    what do you do to track or try and figure out any shopping car abandonment issues?

    I am running a 70% abandonment rate right now on one of my websites so I lowered shipping to just a silly amount to see if that would work but made little difference.

    The majority of these drop outs are right after registering and at the payment screen. I accept credit cards and paypal.

    The drop out and never come back.

    What is the best way you handle these issues?

    any suggestions are greatly appreciated
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    One thing I've seen big time shopping websites do is send a follow up email. To get to the payment screen, they have to register an account, right? So just set up an auto follow email if they leave stuff in the cart and don't come back. You'll have to judge for yourself the right timing on when to send it. I know some people add stuff to a cart just to price it then leave it to purchase later. but 24-48 hours sounds about right, see if you can win then back.
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