Feb 7, 2010
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after 50 days of purchase for this service. Result speaks for itself. :)



Received report...
Amazing work amazing result , the king of SEO amazing....
Will order more...



Awesome increase in rankings, I'm overwhelmed. Can't wait for the next one! Thanks, Sarkar!


I ordered Sherlock with 36 Galaxy Posts from Sarkar. The order took 2 weeks to complete.

I can see noticeable rank improvements on not just the exact target keywords but also a number of variants. Very impressed!

More orders on your way Buddy!


Sarkar has freaking done it again.

Keyword 1 - Moved from No Where to #6
Keyword 2 - Moved from no Where to #8
Keyword 3 - Moved from No Where to #17
Keyword 4 - Moved from No Where to #19

Another order on your way bud!



Sarkar is my Favourite SEO Provider, I am giving orders to him on regular basis.
I have been working with him and his team for over 5 years.

Getting consistent results from his services/packages!

Even My most competitive keyword is moved from No Where to Page 2 now in just 1 month time.

Sounds crazy?

Go and talk to him on Skype. You will be amazed to see how he is good in communication.

Recommended, A++++


We've purchased several of Sarkar's Sherlock Lion's Maines packages for our site, great results over the past 2 years and we expect this to keep up. Great communication skills they've got and he's always over-delivered.


I’m starting seeing some positive results and one of th KW I was targeting moved to 1st page from nowhere. Very good service!



Love the work carried out by Sarkar, his communication is regular even on top of the reports he sends monthly. Constantly updating me on improvements on ranking for my keywords.

After the first couple of reports I thought it was too good to be true but after seeing an influx in enquiries and hits to my site you can see its proven.

A true gem.


amazing work, after over a month, many of keywords moved to top 3. Ordered biggest package + galaxy blogs.




Sarkar and his team is still Kicking after all Google updates.

However, As per my understanding Sarkar is best SEO Guy to fortify your site’s online presence.

7 of my keywords are moved to Page 1 from No Where.

Sarkar is ALWAYS one step ahead! A++++



Working with Sarkar from last few months.

2 of my keywords are moved up from nowhere to page 1 for competitive niche.

Hope to get TOP 1.

Would surely recommend!!!




You know what’s crazy about Sarkar? Even after he provides reports you still see KWs moving up the serps - I’m a life long customer



I just placed my second order from sarkarsk11 ID: 8163, I really appreciate his work I highly recommend it , nice support and always available Thanks.

Order Placed: Lions Mane package order no: xxxxxxxxxxxx905K. Looking forward to the results.

After a pretty comprehensive and informative talk with Sarkar I decided to place specific orders.
The customer service is great and they take their time to inform you the steps to take and which route to take to achieve your goals.
I have placed orders as per Sarkar's Recommendation : Transaction ID: 8VY42513CR8744805
4 Packages Ordered together.

Lets see :) - Transaction ID: 031*********45230

Just ordered for the 3rd time this month after great success - Order #18109

Transaction ID: 40271T

Ordered Lion's Mane with 66 blog posts

bulk orders placed. Will post experience and results of campaigns here.

Sherlock + Galaxy Ordered together : Transaction ID 5FD84584FE514692C

Transaction ID: 79862586CK954352F

Sherlock & Galaxy Ordered together after discussion with Sarkar : Transaction ID: 2JC55720FT940763U

One more : PayPal Trans Id (last 4) 811G

Invoice #1065 Paid, Transaction ID: 41W62323NJ8483225

7 X Sherlock + 1X Galaxy ordered together.

2 More order placed for Valley Of Fear package. PayPal Trans Id (last 4) 373X.

order placed.
Transaction ID: ***********744W

New order placed. Transaction: 18114

I cannot send funds to your Paypal.
I have sent you a request on skype, please check to proceed with payment.

May I see some samples? Thanks!

ordered.. lion + 66 High DA Blog Posts [Galaxy & 007 Network]


Hey Sarkar, Placed another Bunch Of Orders.

Transaction ID: 3NU07557W98069503

Transaction ID: 6WW05260AB050605F


paid,Transaction ID: ***********X3222994N

Another order placed (my 4th ) with the Lion's mane.

Just ordered the Sherlock along with the Galaxy Package. First time buyer, looking forward to seeing what happens :)

Purchased galaxy and sherlock for my new site = >xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-7350 . Expecting awesome service from you once again buddy

Order Placed..
Paid via PayTM.
Looking forward to your awesome work :)

Order for monthly package, please confirm, thank you.

Bulk Order Placed again after a long time with Sarkar : Transaction ID: 0BM591328F2888924

3rd Order in a ROW with Sarkar : Transaction ID: 8MY87181HK699763S

Order Placed : Transaction ID: 731578739P7435621

Just placed an order For Sherlock ID is 925A

Placed my first order.
Transaction ID: 6CY203262V0224317

Please send me discount code.

placed an order

Transaction id ***************844B

Hey Sarkar, 2 More Orders Placed again!

Transaction ID: **********3384634
Transaction ID: **********639881C

3 packages ordered 6594F - thanks!

Order placed for my client. Added the Galaxy as well to rank them quicker as usual.

Big Bulk Order Placed again.

Transaction ID: 2VJ95211Y7540824X
Transaction ID: 6KE349784P154244R
Transaction ID: 6MY551764J994304G
Transaction ID: 6BA14849JX333470W

Just placed an order: Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXX004F

Previously I bought from other service provider at BHW, but now I moved to Sarkar seo [Lion's Mane Package]. I already did some web2.0 link wheel before, but now I am going to check SARKAR service. By the way all of the my keywords are under 60.

Let's check the result after a month or too.

Will update everybody about the results, when all of my keywords get a huge movement in SERP.

Order placed using Paypal.... [Lion's Mane Package]

Very nice service. Time will tell how much it helps.

Another order placed for Lions Mane package.

Looking forward to results.

Just placed 3 orders for Lion's Mane package with Galaxy 36 blog posts: 18155, 18154, 18151

Payment sent through IMPS for another order.

New Order Placed : Transaction ID: 53L053599XXXXXXXX

Sherlock The Lion's Mane & Galaxy Order Placed : Transaction ID: 8MU72027J8793382J :)

Ordered Sherlock + Galaxy together : Transaction ID: 6KM50673VS329691K

After great results - Ordering monthly cause why the hell wouldn’t I

Order no. 952

I ordered the biggest pack, waiting for the results, then accomplish my goal here.

Order placed, Transaction ID: 5936


Order placed for monthly plan.
Transaction ID: 9JD37718RW871404H

Payment sent for Sherlock Hacks Google package + Galaxy Package together!

Transaction ID: 6UA68943TF444332M

Bought 3 bulk packages.

Transaction ID: 8P1679499Y6381414

Transaction ID: 2TW58254GU1504436

Transaction ID 2352X

Bump another great month with working with them.

Order placed and payed. Transaction ID: 78G42891GE712642K

I need high quality backlinks for my clients. Could you send me some samples?

Just placed The Lion's Mane VIII order: 8NN39922KW798252H

Another round going down, thanks for the great work Sakar!

Order Placed
Transaction ID

Order Lions mane: Transaction ID: 8Y793111HJ945291V

Transaction ID: 0AE66942EW166480D

Ordered 3 packages - Order No. 10530, 7246 and 18176

Ordered 1 package. ID: 082D

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Sarkar's 24/7 Intelligent Support system:

Live Chat Support @ https://www.sarkarseo.com/
Email - [email protected]
Whatsapp Support @ +91 8824988283
Hangout - sarkarkumar09
Telegram - +91 8824988283
Skype - sarkarkumar09 (click here)



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Sep 11, 2018
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Been working with Sarkar for a while now. Never had any questions or need for support until today. I wanted to leave a quick review of their amazing support.

Always online on Skype and happy to answer questions.

Great work guys!


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May 16, 2019
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Review Update

At least 5 keywords had continued to increase, one keyword had now increased by around 80 positions. Excellent work.


Dec 29, 2018
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Holding top position on all keywords.. Excellent work as always!

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