Sharing some inspiration (A poem on bhw? wtf?)

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    This is a bit out of left field (*cough* a poem in bhw?), but why not... it's pertinent to a lot of us here I think.

    Staring aloft, wonder ignites
    what lurks outside my cave tonight
    others pass and others go
    yet where to, I do not know

    What wonders those fortunates must see
    whose path is so different from me
    if only I could be just like them
    and leave my cave, a giant among men

    I need guidance to escape my path
    protect me from those who'd show me wrath
    Unleash my bindings from fears strong grasp
    and help me aloft to a better place

    alas these dreams, they often tease
    ..a constant reminder of what's not ours
    alas sweet dreams, they often distract
    ..trapping inside the men who might act

    Such ironic disparity for such sweet muse
    whose comforting embrace we've known since youth
    Such ironic disparity for such a friend
    whose sweet visions could be your end

    For if it's the dreams of others you seek
    Be careful those dreams don't make you weak
    Another man's dreams could well obscure
    The wealth that lays in your own future

    While others dreams at first inspire
    You may not see beyond their fire
    And in your trying, you could misplace
    The future path, your own place

    So wave aside the cloud of dreams
    and look again at the cave you're in
    small flecks of light you'll see
    .. a hint of gold, what you could be

    Working the soil beneath one's feet
    Can often make a man complete
    For when you follow your own dreams, and only then
    ..will you inspire others to leave their own cave, as a giant among men.
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    BHW Awards 2012

    And the winner of the BHW Peot Laureate Award goes to lotar:D
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    very pertinent...:D