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    Hello! I want to tell you about new filehosting service. - Free filehosting for sharing GURUS. Look what we've got:

    4 types of affilate programs:

    1) Upload your files and earn money for every unique download:

    Rates per 1,000 unique downloads:
    File size
    1Mb .. 4Mb ------> $3
    5Mb .. 9Mb -------> $4
    10Mb .. 49Mb --------> $6
    50Mb .. 99Mb ----------> $7
    100Mb .. 249Mb -----------> $9
    250Mb .. 1500Mb ------------> $12
    1500Mb .. 100Gb ----------------> $15

    If you are golden partner you'll receive 20% from each premium users buy on your files.
    Downloads count from these countries: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Russia;
    Only unique downloads are counted (download from one ip once in a day) for files more than 1 Mb.

    2) Create your own File Sharing System. Yes You CAN!
    You can create your own filesharing service with your own domain name with our tools.
    This will allow you to earn 10% of premium account cost users buy from your site.

    3) Just place links at your website.
    If you have website or blog where other users can place posts with links to their files? Now you will be able to earn money from such users.
    This will also allow you to earn 10% of premium account cost users buy from your site.

    4) have 2 level partners. You'll get:
    Up to 20% of income from your 1st level partners;
    Up to 5% of income from your 2nd level partners.

    Payout minimum is 10$.

    (Feel free asking me about our affilate programs.
    My name is Paul, and my email: [email protected])