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    First of all. I don't know if this is in the right place. I apologize if i've made a mistake. (although I am possibly looking to hire someone, read further down for more info)

    I have started an online business and am in the very infancy of it all.
    The work is nothing new to me since I've been developing my skills for many years. This is simply the first time I try to make a career out of it.

    The situation:
    I am very skilled at finding solutions to problems. So good that I once created a report for a factory I worked at that could save them more than $150,000 annually. (This was also the reason I got fired, since the boss thought I was going after his job when I delivered the report to his superiors)
    I've been thinking about making a living out of this skill for a long time and I've decided to give it a try.

    I've made a temporary (and very quick) website. It's just a free and the preliminary website untill I find the right domain and get everything set up profesionally.
    As I don't want anyone to think that I am trying to promote my business here I will not post the URL. But if anyone need to see a little more about what I do to give me advice PM me and I will send you the URL. (That's allowed, right?)

    The problem:
    I know about SEO and how to get traffic through content.
    The problem here is that most of my potential clients don't know that they need my services and will therefor not search for any of the possible keywords I could target.

    I have tried posting ads on craigslist. I bought 10 PVA's on fiverr and posted 3 ads on half of them the first day. This brought me my first costumer and my first $175. A good feeling. So I thought that i might as well post 3 ads with all my 10 PVA's. But when I did that, all of my ads were flagged and removed... Now, as soon as I post just one ad, they get removed.
    I've copied the ad and put it in at the very bottom of this post.

    Is there any way to avoid getting the posts removed?
    Are there other places I could post my ads?
    How would you go about finding clients?

    I am not afraid of studying for myself and to work hard. I just need someone to point me in a direction that might work.
    I've thought about creating a gig on fiverr but getting $5-$50 for something I could get $100-$500 for, doesn't seem like a fun idea.

    Is anyone interested in a partnership?
    If anyone think that they might be able to find costumers for me I would be willing to pay a 20% commission per paying costumer. You may use any method you see fit, offline and online. (As long as it's legal and the costumers don't get hoodwinked or cheated in some way)
    Keep in mind here that the $175 I charged the first client was set low since it was my first. I plan on raising my fees as I get more costumers and as I get a good reputation. I can easily see myself put an extra zero behind the fee in the near future.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

    My post from craigslist:
    "Outside of the box thinking". Optimize your business and income.

    "The simplest solution is usually the best one." - Occam's Razor.
    "Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself." - Sukant Ratnakar
    "If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old" - Peter F. Drucker
    "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." - Bill Gates

    Are you stuck on a problem?
    Do you need to find a better solution for a problem?
    Maybe you just want to maximize your revenue by optimizing your business procedures.
    Do small annoyances keep interrupting you when you work?
    Do you want to save time and money by finding ways to do your job quicker?

    Hi. My name is Daniel.
    I am here to help.
    Having created business-plans that, helped a small business owner save up to two hours of work every day and made
    it possible for a large factory to save more than $150,000 annually, in addition to having designed and invented several smaller and larger inventions, I can help you optimize your business and personal time.

    What uses does my service have for you?
    - Cut down on time consuming activities.
    - Optimize work routines.
    - Create solutions to make tedious and repetitive actions obsolete.
    - Design inventions to make your business and everyday life easier.
    - Rid you of regularly encountered, annoying and tedious obstacles.

    How does it work?
    It's simple:
    1. Contact me and explain about your problem in details.
    2. After having considered the problem we negotiate a price.

    I am looking forward to helping you.
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    just gonna bumb this a bit
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    Maybe you should rework how your trying to hook people?

    You're kind of like "Hey, you have a problem. I don't know what is, but you have a problem and I will find it and fix it for you."
    This reminds me of phone psychics honestly.

    When I have a problem, I'll look for a solution. When I want to look for problems, I may contract an auditor.
    This is kind of like auditing... so maybe look around that sector a bit and see where you fit, or insert yourself in different places you do fit.

    Maybe you want some kind of seo auditor to help :p
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    Any field of daily life that you won't cover? Like meds, drug problems, illegal activities, personal problems that need professional consultation/therapy, kids' problems, emotional problems that again need expert advice and consultation, can you get rid of my neighbor for $175+taxes, can you stop his dog from barking after evening, can you help me catch the 09:30 local train to my office and get me a window seat daily, can you help me get the electricity rstored in 10 minutes, can you help me get the best life mate?, can you find an ideal date for me tonight, can this be done or that or whatever be done perfectly by you? Can you help someone earn a regular income trading on the stock market? Can you put my site on top of SERPs for the keywords I give you? In 3 days max? And to top it all: can you help someone make that $10 per day? ;)

    So what is it that you won't cover, and you'll cover in the service? Just because you gave a tip and got fired for giving it isn't going to cut the ice, you see, buddy! Come out with all guns blazing... err... all plans laid on the table, and someone can be that partner for you. Do you have that execution plan ready so that you can send it all to me in return PM?
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