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    Hi Guys.

    I have an interview with one software company.

    I have some questions, which i would be glad if you can share your thoughts on.

    I can answer these questions, but i want to just get the right and best answers. So if you have a time, you can answer the following questions

    Q.1. How would you do SEO on our website to increase the rankings?
    Q.2. What is SMO and how is it important?
    Q.3. What will be more beneficial SEO or SMO or PPC?
    Q.4 What is Keyword Research and how will you do that to get the most profitable and targeted keywords?
    Q.5 What is competition analysis and how will you do that?
    Q.6. How will you go ahead with link building?
    Q.7. Do you know blackhat SEO?
    Q.8 What made you choose SEO as a career?
    Q.9 What is internet marketing?
    Q.10 How will you manage the adwords account?
    Q.11 Tell me about your overall strategy on SEO and SMO? How will you proceed?
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    Tell your potential boss this. If I had all the answer, would I tal to you now????