Share your list of Top PPD / Incentive CPA Networks


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Oct 9, 2008
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Hello BHW'ers

Share your list of Top PPD / Incentive CPA networks and your ratings out of 10

For Example, - x / 10 - y / 10
Yea well, my list would be:

Cleanfiles: X/10
FileIce: Y/10
AWM: A/10

Good networks dude
Fileice 7/10
Adworkmedia 8/10
Sharecash 6/10
Thats all i have tried.
I apologize for not following the template OP requested but I'm not that familiar with PPD networks still I'd like to share my 2 cents.

I know 3 - 4 guys that ventured together in the torrent area years ago when it was still fresh, I dunno if they still have success today with this method as I lost track of them.

Anyway my point is that something like 90% of their income from IM at the time was earned via the sharecash program, I definitely recommend that you check this one out if for some reasons it did not show up in the lists yet. I couldn't possibly provide detailed information about how competitive their offer is but I know they do pay on time and they are in the business since the beginning.
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