Share Your Info With Everybody -- Whether You Want To Or Not!

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    now this could be fun for a hatter! if you're selling crap, or seeking a particular audience, this should make it much easier to find a target! :D

    New Site Sifts Through Sensitive Facebook Statuses

    You might want to check the privacy settings on your status updates. Because there may be some you don?t want just anyone to see.

    That?s the message from Openbook, a new site fed by Facebook users that have their status updates set to be seen by all. In some cases, that might not be that bad of an idea.

    But Openbook lets you run a search for any query.

    One for ?hate my boss? for example, shows more than 25 people have used the phrase in the past day alone, many in a context that would be more than enough to get one canned.

    Other popular searches show the extent to which people will over-share: just as many people posted the phrase ?lost my virginity? (albeit many jokingly.)

    Despite a Facebook firestorm this week over privacy concerns, this one at least really isn?t the social networking site?s fault. By default, status updates are seen by your friends only.

    The people on Openbook actively set their statuses to be seen by all (and then, in some cases, didn?t think about the consequences.)

    But now that the world?s caught on to Openbook (the site?s serving some 23k searches every hour) it may be time to check those privacy settings again. That or delete Facebook entirely (if you can figure out how.)

    According to Openbook, there?s plenty of people planning to do the same thing.


    And in related "over sharing" news... :D

    Facebook Status Costs Charlotte Waitress Her Job

    Feeling swindled by a cheap tip? Social networking sites are not the place to broadcast your blowup.

    Ashley Johnson was furious. The Charlotte Observer reports that the 22-year-old waited on a couple for three hours at one of the city?s Brixx Pizza locations, keeping Johnson at the restaurant an hour after she was supposed to clock out.

    Johnson?s reward from the customers? An Abraham Lincoln, prompting her to call out the couple on her Facebook profile.

    Despite its slogan ?Get Fired Up!? ? Brixx Pizza was not at all pleased. Once the restaurant learned of the post, Johnson went from serving wood-fired pizza, to just plain fired.