Share Your Casino Ads (creatives to help others)

Depending on how you advertise, it's going to look widely different per user. What I mean is some users opt to cloak which will make your ads vary by a lot already and some get authorization from Meta to run gaming (casino) ads directly within their guidelines or something. Food for thought.
I could share a few , maybe in private because I'm not sure if it's allowed to post them here in public. Anyway most people use a type of creative where there's a split screen of a person's shocked reaction with the other video being winning some slot game or the winning results being shown etc.
most gambling advertising campaigns need to use cloaking links, are you promoting conversions bro
you can catch them anywhere on your facebook message board. Just search for related keywords. the next day your message board will be flooded with casino ads
You can look at facebook ads transparency of some casino facebook pages. For example BetSafe. But would love to see some creatives from affiliate marketers.
you can promote potential customers bro , and you should use choose old accounts it will be healthier and use business verified bm accounts bro
Why don't you just search through FB library or pay for a spytool? Plenty out there. Also important you don't copy ads, use them as inspiration and make your own.
Please check this , i can provide you with more suggestions


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As long as you write keywords, gambling ads will flood your personal page. You can see how they advertise?
First of all, you should understand Fakebook's policy on casino advertising. Find a strong account, and change the website
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