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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by cnpabi, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Hi...BHW hot guys...:D
    I have done some shit on autoblog today, and I will tell you guys what I have done, hope you guys give me some useful suggestions...thanks...:cool:

    Alright, let me talk about this shit.
    few days ago, I was thinking about the niche thing...suddenly rug came to my mind...:eek:
    Actually, I am not an American. English is my second language(forgive my bad :D), I dont know what American I just took rug as my niche. And then register a domain on DS. It is: rugs*review[dot]c0m (remove*, change c0m to com if u want to visit :rolleyes:). And I got 5 addon domains:

    (remove*, change c0m to com if u want to visit :rolleyes:)

    all of them using the same plugins and theme. I just added some keywords and description, and made some settings for each one. I just took about 30 minutes to finish 5 addon sites......:cool:

    I use wp answers! to get content. I will use Autoblogged few days later. Now the main site is indexed by big GGGGGG.So my experience ends, and I got questions.

    1. I just seted them up...and I use onlywire to bookmark posts, is that enough? or you guys got some other cool promotion ways? pls let me know...thanks.

    2. the niche thing, I am so confused about chosing the next niche. I dont know why chosing rug as my topic, I am not sure it will make $ for me...So how to chose a niche? lose weight, finance, loans, music, gadget are all too large niche, I dont like that... you guys have any suggestions on niche thing? thanks for telling me...

    Alright, I think thats it...Email:cnpabi[@]gmail[dot]com, always want to communicate with u guys...thanks...:D:D:D
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    I too started autoblogging a few days ago on a test domain. This test domain had Forum Generator on it, before I decided to try WP Answers.

    My question to you is, where is your monetization? I can't see advertising or affiliate links on your site.

    I am using WP Answers and TWP auctions, I have a front page full of posts, but the affiliate links are on back pages, linked from the top menu.

    Anyway, I like the look of your sites, nice and plain. not to sure about the niche though, perhaps you should have done some keyword research first. All in all I think they look good.

    The good thing about WP Answers is the posts look natural. Re-written posts are just rubbish, and I think most people realize and hit the back button as soon as they see re-written posts. I am going to try some other WP plugins for autoposting, you can never have too much content, even if it is duplicate content. Not that duplicate content matters.