Settlement Recovery Center v. ValueClick settlement

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    A friend of mine sent me this..he said he got it in his email today......
    RE: Important Legal Notice Regarding Commission Junction's Affiliate Network

    If you joined or were a member of the affiliate marketing networks operated by ValueClick, Inc., Commission Junction, Inc. and/or Be Free (collectively, "Defendants"), between April 20, 2003 and the present, you may be a class member in Settlement Recovery Center et al. v. ValueClick, Inc. et al., No. 2:07-cv-02638-FMC-CTx, a lawsuit which is pending in the Central District of California. The Settlement Notice informs you of the Court's certification of a class for settlement purposes; the nature of the claims alleged; your right to participate in, or exclude yourself from, the class; a proposed settlement; and how you can claim an award of advertising credits under the settlement or object to the settlement.

    The proposed settlement will resolve claims that Defendants failed to adequately monitor Commission Junction's Network for the use by third parties of software that does not comply with Commission Junction's ("CJ") Publisher Code of Conduct and that is intended to steal or divert commissions from publishers on CJ's network ("Non-compliant Software"), failed to adequately monitor or prevent third parties from engaging in the theft or "hijacking" of commissions from Advertisers and Publishers on CJ's Network, and failed to make sufficient disclosures regarding the existence of Non-compliant Software and commission theft, resulting in losses to both advertisers and publishers on the CJ Network.

    The proposed settlement will provide a monetary recovery to eligible class members. For class members that currently maintain an account on the CJ Network will receive payment through payments or credits deposited or applied to their CJ accounts; eligible class members that no longer have accounts on the Commission Junction Network will receive a check for an equal amount.

    If you are a member of the class, your legal rights are affected by whether you act or do not act. You should review the Settlement Notice as soon as possible as there are several important deadlines that you must meet to take certain actions in connection with this proposed settlement. In particular, the deadline for filing an objection or excluding yourself from the proposed settlement is September 30, 2008. For further information, please refer to the Settlement Notice.

    For a copy of the Settlement Notice, click on the link, or visit the case website at
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    How many times do you have to post this?
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    You sir have hit the nail on the head. I would like to note that Google had some click fraud class action that affected me. I spent probably $500,000 with them during the year that was affected by the lawsuit. Supposedly about 10% of clicks were not filtered as fraud that I wound up paying for (probably thanks to some a-holes on this board). Do you want to know what my class settlement was...


    this was for fraudulent clicks I paid for with half a million dollars of my own money....

    the answer is....

    I got just under $300 in FREE ads that I could run on google as an advertiser. But wait, it gets better. They would only match dollar for dollar on that $300, meaning I couldn't just run a quick campaign to suck up some free traffic all at once. Nope, what I COULD do is spend another $300 in my own cash and then I was entitled to a one time credit of $600 in ads.

    Half of which probably would have been click-fraud again anyhow.

    FUCK YOU, google. I hope you enjoyed all the mayhem I've given you fags over the past few years. I notice you don't remove entire domains from your listings if I referer spam them anymore. That was fun. I also notice a change you implemented after I started running my competition's adsense code on my banned sites. That too was fun while it lasted. I still have other tricks I'm happy to fuck upon you, so keep your guard up prick!
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    im waiting to find out that this is some phishers scam for SS#s or something... i havent seen any press releases outside of that site

    and CJ is big enough to be newsworthy
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    I got the notice via snail mail.
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    Hello everyone, I too got this mail through postal card: could anyone explain what the hell it is?
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    I also received this, what does this mean ? I had a CJ account, but I never used it, what am I supposed to do ?