Settle an Argument on most effective way to Silo a SITE

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    Hey guys and gals,

    Can you settle an argument between a friend and myself? Anyone who runs a blog network or has experience running one in the past, might be able to shed some light on this. Here is the run down; he wants to setup a site one of two ways and isn't sure whats most effective.

    Scenario 1

    master kw: go-kart racing club (I changed the kws for obvious reasons)
    sub kws: go-kart racing reviews, go-kart parts, go-kart strategies, go-karts<types>

    each of the sub kws would be a page under the home page targeted to the master kw; then posts would be targeted to sub kws by catagory

    Scenario 2

    master kw: one specific go-kart <type>; i.e. Soap Box Derby go-karts
    sub kws: go-kart <type> reviews, where to get go-kart <type> parts, strategies on racing your go-kart <type>

    Scenario 1 would be able to address multiple types of go-karts in one site, while Scenario 2 would address just one go-kart per website.

    Which is better? Which would fit better into a private blog network? Any guess, if the domain age were the same in each scenario, which would rank faster?

    Thanks in advance,

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    They will both reap similar results. Go-Kart being the focus. Diversity is always better to shield true intentions. In the past I would have said go with the site directly related about one specific Go-Kart. However today I would say go with something more diversified. Use both Scenario 1 and 2 for your network.

    Don't go nuts with the Silo either I might add. You make it very obvious what your intentions are when you link everything back to one page using specific anchored keywords.
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    Both types are good

    However, it comes down to content - i.e. how much of it is there

    For your example I'd use neither - I'd go further up the tree and the primary keyword would be "go-kart"
    The level 2 silo landing pages would be "go-kart parts", "go-kart strategies", etc.
    "Soap Box Derby go-karts" could be a silo landing page - providing you can create a minimum of 5 articles on the topic - otherwise it would be a level 3 article in one of the silos it was most relevant to

    When I blueprint a site to see if its going to be worth the effort, this is what I do:
    Primary search phrase (home page) must have a minimum of 5 LSI sub-keyword phrases (silos)
    Each silo must have a minimum of 5 LSI sub-keyword phrases (articles)
    Each article must have a minimum of 5 LSI sub-keyword phrases (topics)

    This only takes me about 30 minutes - If I decide there is enough "content" then its on to evaluating search volumes, CPC values, ability to register short .com containing primary keyword phrase, etc.
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    Scenario 1 is more expensive to market but if you succeed it'll mean more business.

    Scenario 2 is closer to a micro niche site and will be cheaper to market, but also more focused and perhaps could suffer from thin content penalty, unless you find hundreds of ideas of what to write about a specific kind of go-kart.