Setting up a second ebay and pp acct to dropship from

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    I am trying to open a new paypal and ebay acct but there is no way around my name and address. I have another checking out and bank card setup and I know I need to create another username. I was told I would need a vps but would that save me since my name and address will be the same? What else do I need to do or would it be better just opening a premier business acct? I am afraid of that because if one is frozen the other one will be too.
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    You don't need a VPS per se, just a good, reliable IP address that hasn't been banned from eBay. This is why you should stay away from VPNs because their IPs are shared by so many people and likely have been blacklisted already. VPSs are recommended since you'll get a more private IP (compared to VPNs at least), plus you don't have to worry about deleting cookies and such since it is isolated from your computer.

    For your new account, you need to use a different name and address. It doesn't have to be your own name/address, just a different one. Make up a name (this is called using a DBA, which is perfectly legal - you can google it). And get a new address you have access to (a PO Box, UPS store box, virtual mailbox, etc). It's not required to have access to the address when you first create the account so you could just check for houses for sale or something and use one of those addresses, but I recommend later on renting some sort of mailbox so you can deal with returns properly. Plus it'll be helpful should you decide to make your ebay/paypal accounts business verified since you'll already have a business address.

    You could just start with a business account from the beginning, but you'd still need to make up a name, and ideally get a business address as well.