Setting up a 'credible' blog: SEO/marketing and monetarization ideas?

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    Hi, I've been a passive reader for some time, recently became a member and here's my first post - finally...

    I've had this idea for a 'reputable' blog for a while. It's aimed at being a bit bigger than the usual niche blog that is often talked about here. There's little competition (and not really in the form of blogs) and there's a 6 to 7-figure reader target group, especially over the course of a few years.

    In a nutshell, I want to provide high quality blog posts that are of interest to such readers. I have sufficient experience in the topic/sector to write most articles myself. This is time-consuming but also gives me copywriting experience which is a plus. First and foremost, though, I want to make sure that the articles are of decent quality and perhaps even resemble my own style. I consider relying on guest posts and/or quality copywriters (perhaps found on BHW) later on once the blog has gained some traction.

    The fundamental question I have is related to the money-making abilities of such a blog. More and more often I've been reading on here that the golden age of starting blogs has passed. Nevertheless, it has also been mentioned numerous times that quality content is still worthwhile to produce and will eventually be valued by search engines (and, hopefully, readers alike). However, I have limited time to mass-produce articles and at the same time worry about monetarizing the blog. If I invest the little time I have, I'd eventually like to see a quantifiable return. Specifically, here are questions I'd very much appreciate your opinion on:

    1. Aiming at 500-1000 (occasionally -2000) word 'quality' blog posts, can I get away with publishing only, lets say, two or three per week in terms of SEO?
    2. Would I need to look into advertising the blog as a de facto requirement or shall I just focus on content creation and keyword optimization to build a rank and reader base?
    2.b) I want to use a Twitter account to advertise published articles for free. However, I noticed that the search does not show your links when you have a new/rarely used account. Any idea how to overcome this limitation quickly (without using another account)? I might look into facebook groups as well but am not a big fan of facebook in the first place. Probably I should definitely make use of it...

    Also, when monetizing the blog, I can only think of two channels. a) affiliate links (mostly Amazon I reckon) of products I review or suggest to my readers. b) 'Sponsored posts' once I have generated sufficient traffic and the blog is becoming more well-known. In the mid-term I am looking at building an email list (I would want to send them content regularly so I have to create this content first) and in the long-term I may start offering ebooks/courses or individual consulting services.

    I am constrained by other responsibilities and do not have that much time I can invest. If I commit, perhaps ten hours a week, sometimes less. Still, I believe that the blog idea is sound and that I can create most of the content by writing original articles as well as summing up/condensing insights found elsewhere. There's clearly a demand, I just need to experiment on how to most effectively select key words and/or get in touch with my readership. I fear that I might be missing out on what BHW is mainly about: SEO and monetarizing.

    My apologies for the long post. I much appreciate any form of response, especially helpful ones!
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