Setting Up A Benefit- I need ideas

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was called upon by a friend to help figure out how to set up a benefit for another friend.

    The scenario: A young family had a premature baby girl who has had more surgeries than I can count on my fingers. They know nothing about several of us planning to help. They are covered by insurance but the baby has been flown out of state to another medical facility. The baby girl would have to have medical transport to get back to a hospital in her home state. The insurance does not want to pay the medical transport. :(

    I am affected by this as a parent and because I know the baby's mom personally.

    My first instinct is to set up a website and get a donate button on the site. Send out the link to all of our facebook friends and tweet about it.

    Can anyone else think of some great ideas?

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    If this is real, like real story, with real pictures and nicely done writing , yeah

    you can definately get some donations, to only those who know the baby girl and the family.
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    - Does eZine allow articles like this? Other websites? Start writing articles and publishing them to a nice central minisite.

    - The best conversion is also going to be local. When somebody knows its going directly to somebody else in the community, usually there is more of a chance for donation. (Better conversion).

    - Sponsor events for the child, to pay for all those events ask companies to sponsor for you, in return for a small sign at the brunch or whatever. Anything from the benefit would be all profit.

    - Get a couple volunteers, kids most likely and go on a popcan drive in your neighborhood.

    - Rob a bank.
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