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Things to note. Domain authority matters. The domains both have semrush DA 8
New domains need 6months.
Old domains starts seeing results in second week
Domain 1 - Ranking report directly from google
domain 1.PNG
Domain 2 - Ranking report directly from google
Domain 2.PNG


Are these organic stats from new domains or the websites were built on authority expired domains?
They are new domains I bought less than 6 months agao. I will say I aged it myself by just buying and creating the homepage putting a few contents on schedule and leaving them. No backlinks built. All natural.

If you have old expired domains you don't have to wait that long for results.

Freshly bought domains with zero authority will always struggle unless say no article has ever been written about that keyword and it has search volume
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  • Here are some bits of the review left by the member:
    • Lesson One: Introduction - "Introductions are great and easy to understand, found my eyes glued to the monitor as the introduction to not only AutoBlogging as a concept but also the service and it's features were explained. The voiceover was in English, easy to understand and at a good pace, the accompanying images were relevant and showed a visual representation of what was being explained."
    • Lesson Two: Step by Step walkthrough - "Lesson Two feels more like what to do once it is installed and may be better suited displayed AFTER the installation walkthrough, nevertheless access to the course is seamless with login info which allows users to go back to Lesson Two to start creating their site. I stopped watching Lesson Two after Video 5 finished as I did not want to get too far ahead into it without having the tool installed and added onto my site. This was a personal choice as I found it to confuse me more not having a site Infront of me on to click around as the video plays through."
    • Lesson Three: Installation - "Installation was very easy to do, video walkthrough perfectly explains how to install and what configurations need to make for certain usecases. No complaints regarding Lesson Three."
    • Article Review - "So I generated an article in the gaming niche as this is what I am most knowledgable in and all I can say is.. wow!
      The article is way better than what I expected and with the prompting provided in the course the articles were easy to read, non repetitive and made sense! The article uses strong SEO techniques to assist with rankings, there is good use of chosen keywords throughout the article. The article incorporates a video releveant to the topic and provdides relevant images seamlessly. The article is well layed out and easy to digest for all reading levels."
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Hi there, this looks like an awesome project to play around with. Couldn't find you on Skype, wanted details on how to pay with crypto hope to become a future happy customer
Hello, TMONEX, that was the review I left. I purchased the same day you provided the coupon and link. I reviewed the videos and enjoyed the training so I left that review. I hope it helps.
Hello, TMONEX, that was the review I left. I purchased the same day you provided the coupon and link. I reviewed the videos and enjoyed the training so I left that review. I hope it helps.
Hey, your review is greatly appreciated. And good luck with your projects
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