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    Hello Y'all.

    I have been doing SEO for a while now. My successes as a SEO provider is guaranteed by my personal stock of high PR .gov, .edu, .org sites where you can just sign up, confirm your email address and set up blogs. I am not talking about those sites that have been Spammed to death by Senuke Users, or the likes.

    These sites are Highly moderated which makes it ever valuable for SEO. Post spam on the site and its taken doing in hours.

    I am going to share a few of them from my 3 star list and directions on how to have your link fly moderators watch.

    URL Page Rank 5 4 3 4 (this one has been falling to spam lately)

    Contents you post on these sites must be consistent with the site theme, less your post will be deleted in minutes.

    How to post:
    For instance take, the sites is about valuable lists, top 10, 100 favourite movies, symphony of all time.

    Do a search on Google find a list " Top 100 british rock band" what ever list you find copy n paste. Do not spin, it won't make sense, it is a list not an article.

    But for the other sites, find the theme topic for the sites(consistent topical on the site) do a Google news search, then spin out any of the News articles you decide on and submit. Spin with "best Synonyms" and spin only phrases.

    How to include your link.
    After each article i include a Professional Bio like this.

    99% of the time, my posts fly through, on some other sites on my stock the moderator sometimes removes my link and send an apology teling me why it had to be removed; that it wasn't related to the posts. I wait for a day and go back to repaste it.

    Alternatively if you want to place those links permanently, you have to be patient, post your contents, give it 24 hours, go back and paste your links. This one always works. [Recommended]

    However if you're insistent on posting unrelated posts with your links there is a Blackhat way to get your site indexed 2 minutes after publishing, so even if it is deleted, The indexed and cached copy still exists with your backlinks. I only use this if my clients are desperate.
    [i cannot share that here or it will be spammed to death, PM me or drop a request on the thread if you want to know and get more lists]

    I have close to a 300+ of this kind of sites available in all TLD. I continue to stock pile each week. There is atleast 500,000 sites i am yet to check through as of writing.

    Some of these sites also Boost ability to add Images, Forums threads and Hierachial pages.
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