Set it and Forget It Blog Questions / Ideas?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by tabims, Dec 4, 2008.

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    I'm wondering if I setup say a debt blog.

    Then I write 2 x 1000 character article per keyword that I'm trying to target.

    Lets say I keep it simple and do 15 keywords.

    I then take each article and spin them.

    I do 50 spun articles per article that I wrote which would equal:
    50 x 15 kw x 2 articles per kw = 1500 articles.

    I take half the articles from each kw and submit them w/ article post robot with links back.
    I take the other half and drip them into my blog at 3 posts per day. Would the blog rank high because each post is very similar in kw structure but not exactly duplicate...or would this be likely to get caught by google's radar gun?

    Would that be enough to get a good ranking, and make decent money off the blog?

    If I setup one blog per day like this, would I potentially be looking at some decent daily income after a couple of months?

    I've setup two blogs so far just using caff content and haven't earn much, but am getting about 30-40 visitors per blog.

    Any other ideas to optimize this strategy?

    Monetizing with Adbrite, marketleverage, etc..(adsense banned me before I ever made any mfa sites, or started doing any blackhat techniques, of course I say screw em...)

    Also what are your best performing contextual networks? Adsense was doing well till I got banned.