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Sep 22, 2009
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Quite a few senior members at a separate affiliate marketing forum have been alpha testing my new SERP tracker designed specifically for affiliate marketers and webmasters for a bit over a week now.

I just wanted to announce that sign-ups for the private beta are now open. You can signup at . I will be sending out invites over the next week or so for new users.

Some of the features that will put this SERP tracker above the competition are the following:

Hourly updates of all keywords - Affiliate marketers and webmasters are very anal about their rankings. I know expecting them to wait 24 hours to a week for new ranking reports is simply out of the question.

Supports tracking up to 50 pages deep (rank 500) in the SERPS.

SMS and Email notifications - Set up a number of different alerts that will notify you immediately upon change of rankings to any of your sites. Want to know when you hit the #1 position? Just set a notification to alert you the second your site hits #1. Current alerts include "any change in rank", "when site hits #1" , "when site falls from #1 position" , as well as "any set amount of movement (up 3 spots down 3 spots etc)". Currently only the Email notifications are active. Notifications are hourly as well.

Bulk import of keywords and domains - Import vast amounts of keywords and domains at any time.

Ajax charts keep track of your rankings over the past 30 days and allow you to export beautiful graphs for clients.

Create groups of domains - Setup niche based groups of domains for ease of use.

CSV exports of the entire tracking history.

Unlimited domain support and affordable pricing to fit your keyword needs!

The tracker is still in Alpha at the moment, but nearly ready for beta. It's not entirely perfect at the moment, but that's where your feedback comes in. I really want to make this the ultimate SERP tracker for affiliate marketers as I know what it is that we look for in a tracker, and currently no one satisfies our needs.

Beta testers will be given a free 30 day period once the tracker goes paid to continue using their accounts before switching over to the fee based version.
Sounds not that bad. Will you also support foreign google? for example
I'm planning a beta release by Friday for those of you on the list already.
Just finished re-hauling the entire backend. Things are on track for a beta release tomorrow for those who are signed up.
SEscout v2 is live for both previous alpha testers as well as those new to the beta!

Here's a brief overview of several of the newest features:

Much improved interface. Cleaned up a bunch of things. Page is now liquid width to fit the full size of your window. Buttons are cleaner and easier to access. Links to different pages are now fixed to the top of the page with easier access. Change log at the top can now minimized. EVERYTHING is now sortable using javascript awesomeness. Option to sort by backlinks, rank, domain name, number of keywords etc.

This is the foundation for all future expansions and will make new upgrades and changes MUCH easier. I've got a ton planned and well be rolling out frequent updates throughout the next month before the tracker goes paid.

Your continued support and feedback is much appreciated. Please continue submitting any feedback/bugs you come across so I can make this thing perfect.

The second wave of BETA invites will be going out sometime today. Sit tight if you haven't received one yet.
Just a quick update, sescout is now in v3 and almost ready to come out of beta. Invites for the new subscription based version of SEscout will be going out over the next week or so. If you haven't subscribed yet, now is the time.
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