Services to check webpages for bad words (risk of ban)

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    you know that the presence of bad words on a webpage may affect its ranking (until a ban). Wanted services to measure the probability of sanctions.
    I found: cutwords (check webpages to bad/banned/poison/stop words)
    Do your know some more?
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    "All cats are called pussy cats but only female dogs are called bitches or bitch in singular form. The sex of the animal sometimes determines the slang name it is given. All donkeys are referred to as asses. The singular form would be to call a donkey an ass. A male chicken is often called a Cock."

    1. How would the service do given this message said: Pussy, Bitches, Bitch, Animals, Donkeys, Asses, Ass, Cock, and Sex?

    2. Given the list of keywords would you know what the message was about?

    3. Did a content violation actually occur?

    It gets even more tricky when you get into medically correct terminology. I think the false flags will fly and it will turn into censorship pretty quickly.

    Google doesn't solve this... a quick web search for "pink socks" has startling results on #1 of page of the safe search results. If that doesn't get demoted automatically then what you are probably looking at is the risk of a manual quality rating and not an automatic ban.
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