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    Grr I'm bored and Im mad coz I cant remember the name of a nice new stats site .. I'm using but thinking to try something else and I do not like Ganalytics coz is too flashy for me..

    And I remember I've seen few days ago a good looking website that offered stats for sites. but cant figure out what the name was.. and trust me my page vists history is huge so thats not an option.

    So guys what stats services you use besides the one that comes with Cpane, stats counter and G analytics
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    Sep 27, 2009
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    Alright, here we go with some options. I'd throw up some links, but as you can see by my post count, I obviously can't yet:

    • Analog
    • AW Stats
    • BBClone
    • CrawlTrack
    • Open Web Analytics
    • Piwik
    • W3Perl
    • Webalizer
    Those are all open-source. Here's some proprietary ones:

    • Advanced Web Status
    • Bango Mobile Web Analytics
    • Clicktale
    • Clicky
    • Google Analytics
    • Mint
    • Overstat
    • Urchin
    • Web Trends
    • Woopra
    Hope that helped.