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    Hey Blackhatters,

    I am currently in the process of setting up a new service and want to get some structured feed back before setting off on the final leg of my journey.

    A number of people currently struggle with communicating with suppliers in Asia (China, Malaysia, India, etc) whether they be drop-shippers, content writers, designers etc. Where as I speak a number of Asian dialects and have no issue working with these suppliers.

    My plan is to buy up 3 small firms already existing across Asia and create partnerships with others to found a service called Asian Service Bureau which with my employee's and partnerships will offer fast qualitative service from Asian countries at competitive prices using fluent English speakers like myself as the customer support representatives and writers.

    I will be taking my trip around Asia next week to set up roots and hope to be in operation by early November. I will only be working with companies that offer competitive prices, have on the job training to better enhance the services provided, and observe human rights to an ethical standard.

    Before I go however, I am looking to find out what you as blackhatters would want from such a service? What asian services are you looking for? (Hosting, Dropshipping/wholesale, content writing, blog writers, ghost writing, web coding, Virtual Assistants, General staff?) and what other features can I add to this company to help benefit you!

    Please let me know the kind of things you are interested in so I can help provide access to these great services for you!