SERPs my butt!! why not "parity" for KWR?

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    Happy Holidays!! Cheer-ios!!

    hey all, my question again involves google serps for checking my competition, I've placed much thought into; Do I use no quotes, or do I use "quotes" or do a I use Allintitle or "allintitle with quotes"

    (primarily at this point I'll be doing article marketing in directories, and I'm trying to rank "those articles")

    then I thought to myself

    "the most important thing I need to know is how a surfer will most likely conduct his search? RIGHT? or NO?

    I mean doesn't it all come down to whether the surfer places "quotes" around his search or not?

    and shouldn't I be basing my efforts on the top 10 for each way, "with" and "without quotes"? to understand or capture both groups? or even one "properly" (in parity)and (if I may ask) why the need to search for "allintitle" when the surfer isn't going to look in the serps for "allintitle" results anyway?

    and shouldn't I match in parity?
    SERPs VS. google KEYWORD TOOL ?

    so if I conduct my serps check using "quotes" I would want to do the same in the KWT?
    and conversely if I do my serps using "no quotes" then should my KWT search be the same?

    in other words "match up" the tool type search "quotes" against the same type of serps "quotes" YES? logic? or NO?

    I've heard that "allintitle" carries more weight, but wouldn't that only make a difference if your "top 10 serps" have the keywords in their titles specifically?

    your friend Hali~!:)