SERPs as KW reseach high/low?

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    hey fellow madhatters :nod: ......... :roll:

    I have a question about using google SERPs to determine
    how many searches are conducted monthly for keyword
    "phrases"(rather than adwords)

    I can take a phrase with perhaps (examples) 4 to 6 words and search
    and I might come back with 500k searches (give or take, for illustration
    purposes) with a given set of keywords, but if I use the same search in
    "quotes" for an exacting match, the same search might render anywhere
    between 2k to 150k searches(give or take)

    I thought the lower the number the less the competition?

    but then of course I realize you don't want the search
    volume too low either...if I were really trying to target a title
    very specifically for an article (my niche will not remain static) would
    something in the range of 5k to (for the sake of example) 20k provide
    low competition, but at the same time an adequate audience?

    Your feedback is appreciated

    (BTW I realize this isn't exactly KWR, but I think some know what
    I'm trying to do, and if you can give me any tips, that would be greatly appreciated!)

    Hali~!:) ......... :bukkake:
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