SERPS ANALYSIS: How to rank for the most spammy search terms in any niche!

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    Hi Guys, my name is Steve I'm an SEO with a bit of experience and I've just started blogging about SEO - this is my first real post and I'd love any feedback on my writing style or questions about implementing strategy etc!

    Viagra, Prescription Medication, XXX, Gambling Affiliates, illegal downloads and Fake Followers. These are the traditional markets where in order to have a site rank reasonably well ? you?d need to be a master of black hat SEO.

    In this article I?ll be exploring how strong websites with seemingly unrelated content can do very well in a spam niche; with totally unrelated, very weak content. Firstly though we need a niche to explore!

    EDIT: The page in question has been slammed in the search after ranking for around one month. This same tactic is already being replicated by another page for the SAME SITE currently position 5 in the Results. {sorry I can't post links yet, but you can do a quick Google search to find it)

    Investigating the Niche ?Buy Instagram Followers?

    There are around 1,500 searches for the term each day. It?s a highly competitive, heavily spammed niche.
    Here is the logged out, view of the phrase searched from the UK in late December 2013:

    [Sorry I can't post images yet, but you can view the original

    I?ve have highlighted two results that I find quite interesting. In this article we will be analysing position four, there will be a follow up next week on position 1.
    The value of the niche is based on personal experience.

    Why is the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Recommending we ?Buy Instagram Followers??

    Position 4 is the website, PR6 DA 65. The website has nothing even remotely spammy on it ? it does not allow any user generated content and it appears as though all articles are posted by the same account.

    [Sorry I can't post images yet, but you can see the image referenced here:

    It?s not possible to say how this page got published, my guess is that the webmaster of NAHJ also owns the site that the page links to ( put the link up there to boost one of his/her side projects without the consent or permission of the NAHJ ? it?s highly unlikely they would want anything to do with fake Instagram followers.

    If we look into the source of the homepage we can see a hidden link to the page: and from what I can see this is the only internal link on the site. So no regular readers of NAHJ will know about the existence of the spammy subpage!

    The link is not visable on the homepage, but is found here in the source with ?Buy Instagram Followers? as the anchor text.

    [Sorry I can't post images yet, but you can see the image referenced here:

    There is a possibility that it is a hack or an exploit, but I can?t see anything on the site that would support this.
    What I find interesting is that this result is only a linkbuilding page ? not what we refer to as a ?money site?.

    This is a Tier 1 Link ? Not a Target Site
    In order to fully understand why this page is ranking, you need to know a little about tired linkbuilding. Take a look at this diagram:

    [sorry I can't post images yet, but you can see the image referenced here:

    On the article there are 3 links to where you are able to purchase the Instagram followers. This is the ?money site? ? where the owner wants the user to end up.

    I don?t know if the owner of the site intended to have this page rank so well in Google, it may be meant to be a support page that sends Page Rank (or Link Juice) to boost the rankings of the main site (or ?Your site? in the image above).

    They probably didn?t count on the page becoming so strong that it so significantly outranks the money site.

    How does this Page Rank?

    There are several Tier 2 links pointing into the page; have a look at OSE just discovered links. At the time of writing there are 196 links pointing into this page. Including a good number of what I assume is the blog owners private blog network.

    There are two links from a blog network both with hidden links pointing to the spammy page on the site that promotes the shady dealings.

    So it works like this:
    1) Create Money Site (
    2) Find Websites of the highest quality with low outbound links across the site and high inbound links (
    3) Build Tier 2 links pointing to tier 1 link

    How would we improve on this Spammy tactic?

    I run both blackhat and whitehat sites myself, so I would be interested in how to both replicate and improve on the tactics that I find.

    Convert and sell directly from the tier 1 link

    I the webmaster (owner of Instabilify) does have access to NAHJ then they should consider seriously improving the content here ? if not replicating the entire page of Instabilify to allow the user to make a purchase on the site.

    Remove the Header and Footer
    If they do have access to the actual page then why not remove the header and footer that makes this a NAHJ page ? this would prevent the user from clicking away from the page and discovering they are on an unrelated page.
    What Lessons can we learn from this SERP?

    I see two key lessons here, firstly that tiered link building remains an effective link building strategy and secondly that that the best way to rank is to get good links from good sites.

    Yes this is a statement of the obvious, for something a little more more tangible, how about these takeaway points:

    • The links pointing to the tier one page are all hidden, taking up only 11 pixel on the tier 2 pages. This suggests that hidden links are still passing page rank.
    • A totally unrelated domain is ranking in a position worth $500 per day, with a page that contains less than 500 words and has no social sharing. Therefore if you have a strong site in any niche that isn?t monetized there is potential for you to take advantage by adding an unrelated sales page for a more lucrative niche.
    • Could you purchase an authoritative domain with these stats and host a number of profitable niches on the same site? If that sounds like a good plan read on?
    The next post in this series will dissect how the niche is being dominated with expired domains and search for methods that we can replicate when ranking our own spammy sites.
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    Please fire over any questions I'd be happy to get involved! Just one point about 'outing the niche' - I did link to both the target site and the subpage in the article on my site - and this is only one small piece of their tactics so i don't think it will do any harm to them, probably more good than bad!