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Oct 29, 2008
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Dear friends,

One of my site is not in top 200
1) domain name is old but not keyword rich
2) traffic has gone down in last one month
3) I have changed meta data recently( within 10 days)
all title tag meta description keywords content are related to keywords

I am working on 3 keywords Long tail
keyword 1 = two words = exact word engine results 30k
keyword 2 = three words = exact word search .. serp result returned only 2k
keyword 3 = 3 words = exact word search...serp results 9,00,000 +

all three have nearly equal amount of searches ...
i have many backlinks for keyword 1 and keyword 2

but for all three i am not in top 200 searches

i have many backlinks within blog posts these posts are indexed... but my backlinks are not counted yet.

for 5 keywords I was on top 10 but now I am not on first page

What should I do or what is wrong with this site?

I am looking for your expert advice Please help.
No help?

more info here
top two sites are strongest with less than 300 backlinks

i have 1800 backlinks

they dont have anchor text but keyword domain
all other domain are not that a competition But Why i am not able to rank?

most of the sites do not keywords in the title tag.

i have all three keywords in the title tag

and this site also uses google analytics ? should i drop google analytics?

please advice me.
is it temporary ?
how do we get out of it?
okay when I do
i get 1000 of pages from my site

when i google
i get couple of pages form my site on first page.

My site is general site no particular topic so i changed meta tags for a particular market which i would be targeting for next 2-3 months and my content is 90% form the same market.
when my site ranking and traffic started falling down... i had to focus one hot seasonal market (niche)

i have been doing every black hat way to build backlinks within my reach
say atleast 40-50 a day skipping once in a while/week
today only i spammed 2k links in an hour and was going to send 10k blast
none of above links are yet indexed
this is really painfull

one keyword i ws ranked o 6th spot in july and now i am not in top 100
my new pages are not being ranked.

one keyword search returns
one old page i was in 3rd spot for that keyword now i am in 80s

for this keyword i was 100+ spot few days ago..

It seems I am sandboxed

and what is the fastest solution for this problem
1) my links are crawled but i am not getting those links as my backlinks

i dropped few edu links
I dropped few blog comments on high pr pages

what is happening with my site?
onsite seo is good
keywords in title tag
very less intitle competition
falling down is not good.

please will someone give some powerful tip to get out of this?
I also did a prstorm blast for that domain name few days ago

I am going to use free traffic surf also for that domain name ?
second use imacro to google my keyword and click on my link (in google search) using different proxies

any suggestions ?
google is dancing with you
my advice keep going wuth your quality backlinks building
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