SERP fight to rank = Link builders VS Authority domains ?

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    Hi all!

    Getting deep into SEO these days. Beside of that I'm lauching a real physical business in my city, thats the reason I turned to SEO.

    I found several nice KW for my business I think.

    Most of the KW SERP top 5 positions will show authority domains with no KW on-page optimization & no page-backlinks. Yet the domain TF & page TF are high since domains have authority.

    Sounds like google rank them because they speak of a similar topic to my KW & are authoritative.

    I also looked their eventual KW-anchor backlinks & didnt find anything either. Does that mean I found nice KWs ?

    The all in anchor & brackets search for the KW will show people who target these KWs ( link builders ) and they appear to be with very low backlink profiles & are still quite high in SERP ( ~ pos 15 ), though they are not authoritative...

    I took a look at this old 2009 ( but still well ranked in SERP ) to know +/- how to evaluate KW difficulty : "how-to-analyze-keyword-difficulty-tooless" on Moz blog

    Thanks for any help!

    And if you have any answer to my question ( related to my overall topic concerning KW difficulty ) : SERP fight to rank = Link builders VS Authority domains ?

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    I think your post is kind of confusing authority and link-building.

    In many cases, they go hand in hand.

    In many cases, the reason why a certain website becomes an authority is that other authority sites are pointing out to that websites.

    Of course, the reason why this is the case is because the website has a tremendous amount of high-quality content.

    If you were to ask me and tell me that my goal is to build a website or a network of sites intended to withstand the test of time, I'm going to tell you that the way to go is to build authority websites.

    Forget about authority domains, build authority websites.

    Sure, they can be a pain in the butt to build.

    Sure, they can take quite a bit of time.

    But I'm telling you right now. Considering how crazy Google has been in terms of its evolution, this is probably the only safe way to go forward.