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OP Approved:

Niche blog post service as described. Promised metrics verified - average DA / TF is accurate. Content is relevant and backlinks are good. The content isn't native english so hard to read but doesn't seem spun and copyscape has passed it all as unique. TAT was 9 days.
My review

I received a review copy of this service from OP a few weeks ago.
As part of the review I received 3 blog posts on different sites, all directed to my money site.



TAT was very fast and all metrics look good to me.

My keyword was low competition but the page has been bouncing around top 3 for my keyword with only this service and a few other branded/generic links.

I'm sure the larger packages could pack a fair amount of power based on the results I have seen.
Good luck in your sale mate , any review copy avail.
I was fortunate enough to get a review copy. My review below:

Content and images used for the blog post were relevant. The content may not be top-notch but it clears copyspace and the posts are from high authority site. Good Turnaround time too. Rankings are heading in the right direction. Therefore, highly recommended. Thanks!

I've got selected for the review package earlier and I must say, the op did a great job.
The content were totally relevant to niche and exact 450 words count.
It passed unique in copyscape as it was 100% hand written (You can guess easily after reading).
The backlinks were good and OBL were near around 35 for me.

Submission Site:
PR : 4.
DA was 22 and TF 11.
Spam Score 0.

Overall a nice service and recommended one.
Good Luck for your sales mate.

Thanks -Sagar
Review Time:
Got a Review from OP. Got 3 Guest Postings on different PR 3 Sites.
Sites matrics confirmed and Good.
Keyword was competitive, but still I see links are indexed without doing anything.

Fair Price with high Quality service - 10/10 Stars
Review time !

As a review copy I received 2 do-follow links ; 1 blog post and 1 guest post

Site metrics are confirmed and really good. TF & CF around 15+ and with good and natural backlink profiles

Both the root domains were having PR 4 (it's good even though PR is out dated)

Fast tat and good unique content.


Thank you
I am very lucky that I got the chance to get review of iAuthority's new service.
I got 2 links with DA-35,24 and PR-2,3
One can easily get good serp with the service.
Good Work!!
hey, any review copies avaliable? or coupons code? i would like to test this service. thanks
Good feedback from reviewer's, so maybe this could be usefull for my next project :)
Review Time

I was among those who were offered review copy before this thread went live, and I got 2 links from powerful websites! First I thought there is a mistake in the TF and CF, but it is for real. I have seen some serp boosting from just this 2 links and I know with a couple of this powerful links, first page is SURE.

I received a review copy of two links. A Blog Post and a Guest Post.

The writing passed copy paste, but did not read well. That was the only negative.

The good part were how powerful these links are. This service stabilized a high comp KW for me which was bouncing in SERPs. Saw good improvements off of two links so I expect this would do wonders for easy competition KWs.

The report was well laid out.

Seller is very professional and helpful. Willing to communicate with me and answer any questions.

A + for sure. Saving this service for future use.
I ordered a package for the fourth time, posts are carried out in time and I like quality of articles!
I was lucky to be given a review copy before the thread went live. And here is my honest review.
I was given 2 links from website with DA20+. I manually check and all the links has been index already.

Although is it almost 6 days now, my site primary keyword has move from position N/A to No.8.

I will report back on my ranking details within a month. (OP, be kind to remember me:) )

I recommend this. It is a steal.

iAuthority gave me a review copy to test it out before his salesthread went live. 2 backlinks were given: 1 from guest posting and 1 more from a blog post (PBN).

Firstly, the guest post has an amazing high DA of 37 with a PR of 1; the PBN has a DA of roughly about 10 with a PR of 4.

What I like is the guest post website is related to my niche and I strongly believe is what help boosted my site's ranking massively (from no rankings to 30-50 for different keywords).

And of course, the article is readable with relevant images embedded.

Highly recommended! I'm definitely ordering more if iAuthority has more relevant backlink sites to my niche.
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