Serious Investors and Domainers Needed

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    Ok let me introduce myself a little, I consider myself as a pro investor and I am currently building an investing team. Since this is my first JV offer here I would try to keep it easy to read. I am looking for building a small Domainer Team, and we build in a G way, and when I say G, I mean the Ganstar way :)

    There are some details I can't reveal to avoid saturation of the method, even though it's almost impossible for saturation due to it's investment amount.

    Invest Amount: 100 to 10k for investors. minimum 2 hours a day for domainers

    why do we want to unite together in the first place?

    Everyone who has been in IM should know that IM is all about scaling up and automation. And By uniting together, we can achieve both with absolute ease. Why would you earn pennies when you can earn hundreds?

    why do we want to do domain investing?

    simply that domains are the foundation of everything. simple EDM can get you to the first page of google with ease. Typo domains are really usable for either cpa offer or domain parking. Most of all, I do have my own twist that I don't think anybody has put enough thought on that.

    Why do we want to help as a domainer?

    There are various reasons, either you have so much experience but you don't have rnough money to invest on, or you are just SICK of waiting for SMALL money to come. However, if you want things to be scaled up so that your skills can be fully used to earn something big, then you should definitely join the team. And when I say big, I mean something that's make us the top without competition.

    Here are things we will buy:

    Domains: and when I say domains, I mean thousands of domains. I am potentially looking for PR>2 expired domains, PR>2 domains from domain owners, and typo domains. SEO techniques and such.

    Different domain finder softare and service: Yep, Since we need a sysmetical way to find domains, we would better to get the tools for simplifying the job.

    And Finally, I have my own twist that you have to hit me up on skype to see.

    My Skype: rayzhii.

    Reply if you have any suggestions or tips. Concerns are welcome but let me tell you this. Consider this thread as a "pre-sell", I have my plan developed already but a plan is always a plan until some tests are ran by it.

    I am asking both sides to join the game NOW so we can hit it hard when it's fullly ready, but I won't give guantee at this stage except the fact that my friend has earned 25k on domain parking with his thousands of high PR domains. And we can do even better with some BH techniques don't you agree?