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I was offered a free article to try this service.

The article was very well researched, nicely presented and quickly delivered ( within 12 hours ).

It was an informational article I requested and this ticked the boxes with plenty of detail in the content.

There were no errors in grammar or spelling.

This level of content is ready to go straight onto a money site.
I got a copy in exchange for a review.

Article is well written.
First OP started by explaining in few lines on the brand subject. I was like, go straight to the point.
Actually, I will do the same in order to make the article lengthy.

I haven't check for Plagiarism. But overall, it isn't copied. I have read lots of articles on that subject. This is indeed amazing.
I received a review copy of 500 words.
After trying multiple sellers here this one was the best so far. The TAT was super fast, all I gave was the headline with no additional details and I got an amazing article with no errors. I read it multiple times looking for changes I need to make and found nothing, all I had to do was copy and paste in my site. Also the SEO score from yoast was perfect.
Highly recommend this service !

Speed: 5/5
I posted, asking for a review in the thread on 4/12 and received the content the following day.

Communication: 5/5
Very little communication was necessary. I was asked to provide details. I did so and the OP confirmed that the details were received and started working on the article.

Report: NA
No report was given, just the actual body of work (e.g. article).

Overall: 5/5
There was only one mistake in the 509 word article that was produced. Copyscape checked and no issues there. The article was written well with subheadings.

Recommendation: 5/5

I would absolutely recommend this seller to write articles. Content quality is money site quality. My only issue would be the pricing but that’s neither here nor there. Each seller around here selling content has a different price point for the quality of their writing and provision of services. This doesn’t take anything away from my review. It’s a solid service if you need content for your money pages.

I think the best part about this which is what you’re paying for (from what I can tell in my experience) is that you won’t have to do much editing.

For the writers I’ve worked with, I typically have to do some editing but I’m okay with that at a lesser price point.

Again, as for this service: Great quality writing in what I received. Highly Recommended.
do you still offer review? if not please send me some samples, rates and TAT. tanx.
Samples please - and review copy if still available ;)
Hi! The review article I received was well-written! I would recommend the service! Except for the Topic name, nothing was provided BY ME. Even then the quality and writing was to my heart's content! Must check out his service
Interested in a review copy if still available - looking to update some website copy
Speed: 5/5
Three hours asking for a review copy, we started communicating. I had my copy in hand the next day after some back and forth.

Communication: 4/5
Communication was great, my original goal wouldn't have fit in their 500 word limit, which I understood and agreed with. I think my only issues were communication were needing something SLIGHTLY more than a writer, so might be closer to 5/5 for the service.

Report: NA
No report was given, just the actual body of work (e.g. article).

Overall: 4/5
No real mistakes and no plagiarism. I think 500 words might be a little short for MOST pages, although this was an informational post and not a money page. The article was well written and had good subheadings. Keyword seemed a LITTLE heavy for the length, but that could be personal preference.

Recommendation: 4.5/5

I'd definitely recommend this seller for article writing. The content is definitely higher quality than lower priced outsourcing I've used before. The pricing is a little on the high end (even with the discount), but I'm strongly considering a larger package to really see how I feel about the quality/content.

The service is a little convoluted with all of the offerings on the website though, so I'd try to narrow those down to help buyers.

There is VERY little editing that needs to be done, which I personally love and is another time saver. If it'd be possible to build a rapport with the organization, then they could even come out with more relevant content for various silos/goals.

I'll likely try a larger order before really deciding on if I want to outsource everything, but would highly recommend at LEAST giving the service a try for now!
Order placed last night, got a response today, all content as requested, looks great!

Good use of keywords, no obvious typos, and all subject matters were covered with ease!

Will buy again!
got a review copy from textboss. Here's my review

TAT was super quick
No errors in Grammarly and no edits needed ready to publish to my client's site
Only gave them the topic with a little description and they manage to write amazing content.
The topic that I requested is in the health industry so some research is required and they manage to pull it off with such a quick TAT

overall would order for my client sites if we need in-depth and well researched article
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