- 25 Client-Tailored Local Citations for $25/month (Approved)

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    1,093 - 25 Client-Tailored Local Citations for $25/month


    Limited Time Offer, we may close this at any time
    and use it to service clients ourselves!


    Explanation: Local Citations are perfect for local sites. You will rank higher on
    Geo-related key terms on local results when you have more local citations
    pointed to your site. This package is perfect for re-sellers since we keep
    prices low and competitive so you can make the most profits reselling to your clients!

    Ask us: Ask us how to promote these packages to potential local clients. We
    have some interns just starting out on BHW, making $300/day reselling
    our packages! We can provide you with lead lists to call/email which will result
    in high conversions!

    Note: We keep prices high on our website, so your client feel like you're giving them
    a good deal. We can generate a coupon code for you to give to your clients.
    You keep the difference between the final prices, and the re-seller prices below!

    What We Do:

    Whether you are a car detailing, lawyer, plumber, doctor, carpet cleaning, or
    interior designer business, we build local citations to your homepage.

    25 Client-Tailored Local Citations for $25/month

    -We will make sure to put your client information in the right category
    -We make sure every month the links stay live and up to date
    -We will provide a full link list report with login details.
    -Tat is 2 weeks unless you pay $25 extra for 48 hours delivery
    -Monthly fee is to maintain your listing, cancel anytime after we send report.

    Submit your Site to Google + $30/mo

    We will submit your site to Google+ Local with best practices to give
    you the highest chance for approval. Upon approval, your local site will show
    up on Google Mobile. The monthly fee is to maintain your listing, cancel anytime.

    Please Note: We do not guarantee rankings or any movements. Use us only in conjunction
    with other citation and packages you're supplying to clients. We also do not guaranteed
    Google+ Local submission approval, we only start the process for your site.
    We are not suggesting you will gain ranking increases from using our citation submission
    services, but the general consensus is more citations will lead to better rankings.


    Sample Citations We Build:



    [email protected]

    Refund Policy: No refund is given once order is made.

    We manually submit to each site with best practices.​
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    OP Approved - I held the thread for a while to confirm that the links would remain as the initial response was slow from the OP. However links remained and I'm happy to approve on that basis.
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