SEO work:Squidoo lense PRO creation+GoArticle+Double Linkwheel+RSS submit Service

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Jun 28, 2010
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I offer great link building service for very affordable price, even for newbies

This is what you'll get in a package:

- Professionally and unique looking Squidoo lense that promoting your business, online or offline, your affiliate links or whatever you need.

You provide - your topic, websites or links to the material we can use, links to include and keywords/phrases - 3 main to target and up to 25 for tags. More pictures, videos, articles or other content you can gives, better it will look.

Restrictions - adult and gambling sites, MLM and such "moneymaking" crap and pharma. Any health related topics are subject for my personal approval. I am a health practicioner and do not promote anything I don't approve professionally. Any other legal topic will be well researched and put into attractive page that you will be proud of.


*royalty-free or self-made pictures and graphics
*well researched and perfectly presented content included one unique article
*relevant videos, images and news added
*self-updated content, thanks to many great modules
*interaction with the users
*social bookmarking with ease
*included in account that contents only high quality lenses and will become giant one soon
*will gain high PR in no time
*your links will be there forever and eventually become more and more powerful

You can see samples here:

Benefits of Squidoo Lens creation:

You can start earning right away from your lens if it leads to affiliate sales or your own sales.

You can use it to index your main site and bring heavy-duty links to it.

No needs to host your own domain.

[Read more about link building, SEO technics and SE indexing around this forum or google it if you don't aware of this subject. Bottom line - you need it to promote and popularize your link.]

- Another quality article posted in GoArticle directory with picture and links to your main site.

Benefits of article posting is fast indexing of your pages, traffic drive and link weight.

- Complex double-linkwheel pointing to Squidoo Lens and GoArticle article.

How it works?

We create 10 Web 2.0 facilities with spinned professionally articles with your main keywords posted on them as a content and interlink them smart way.

5 sites will point to Squidoo, 5 to GA and all of them linked randomly between each other.

This is exactly way to make your links to your main site super powerful over short period of time and you will make money.

- We collect all 12 rss feeds and submit them to RSS directories

- Full report with Web 2.0 accounts


This offer will be over as soon as we reach 100 lenses.

You are responsible for niche research and keyword finding, we can not promise anything about your earning abilities and traffic volume.

For better results you will want to promote all of the pages your way, put comments and reply on questions, bookmark and submit to relevant resources. Don't abuse it, take your time and sooner or later you can build-up nice income source.

The total cost is 50$ only fefore we fill up 100 lenses.
PR: wait...
I: wait...
L: wait...
LD: wait...
I: wait...wait...
Rank: wait...
Traffic: wait...
Price: wait...
C: wait...
Approved - fast and very great work. Would recommend it!
Hi are you offering any reviews?

I would be more than happy to review for you... if good then will have further orders as well :)
Yes, I offer 2 reviews for reputable members, but one is already taken :)

please PM me with your subject and specifics and I can start
Sending you a pm about a review copy.
annel has been good enough to offer me a review package......

I will post an honest review on completion.

Today I received Squidoo Lense and 2 Article Links.

The articles are well written, with good subject matter and keyword density.
The Squidoo Lense looks professional and very well structured.

I will complete this review when I receive the next set of results from OP.
Just ordered the package
Can't wait to see the results :)
Okay, sent you payment along with three emails discussing project to be done. All emails have been sent to your gmail address. Please let me know if you got them because I did not get back a return or read receipt yet.

Annel, can you confirm if you got my work. I sent you keywords and articles under borom email account, please let me know.

I didn't get your emails, I've just PMed you
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