SEO With and Without Adderall - A Synopsis

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    Not a big poster here on BHW, more of a "do-er" than a reader these days so I don't come on here as much as when it taught me many great things in the world. But anyway I decided to give BHW a guide to SEO and adderall, the relationship. I know many of us do it and I'm sure some people are wondering whether to try it and I'm sure some, like me, are trying to stop using it.

    I'm what they call a "speed racer", have been ever since I used to gulp down 4 Cokes whenever my family went out to dinner - for the caffeine buzz. The disease has far progressed. I went from caffeine to adderall by the time my freshman finals came around. It made me feel super-human, as I'm sure everyone who's taken it has experienced, and like I could conquer the world. I actually got good scores on my mid-terms, and those saved me because I never went to class and never did homework. Anyway, it's been a few years since then and I am now not taking classes, making affiliate money to support me and considering starting a local SEO/PPC business. I've used speed to get here, no doubt. I've done SEO for about a year now. 5 months of that (the middle) were basically completely sober and 7 months have been tweaker months. Now let me tell you a little bit about the differences if you don't mind:

    -NameCheap and GoDaddy Auction expenses through the roof (always registering domains for new, half-baked ideas and buying expired domains)
    +Hugely Successful Campaigns
    -All profit from those campaigns lost on impulse buys
    +Backlink Like a Champ (I love running Magic Submitter and GSA when I'm tweaking)
    -Embarassing WSO purchases (why did I buy 5 Amazon plug-ins when I haven't even signed up for the Amazon Associate program?)
    +Very Chatty and good at e-networking
    -Obnoxius to some degree when IMing with others
    -Devoid of all spiritual identity
    -Addicted to computer and speed - the combination
    -Bank account total goes down like a site's backlink graph after BMR got deindexed

    -Takes forever to figure out simple problems or concepts
    +What is left of my focus without adderall is more along the lines of 80/20 (with adderall it's 20/80 lol)
    -Less time on computer
    +More time experiencing life
    -Won't be able to take on as many projects
    +Will take on only the useful projects
    +Will finally blog for real and get a following...something that I'd never do on speed because it's not as efficient income-wise.
    +Success will feel warranted and not stolen or shortcutted.
    +Bank Account status will look like how a backlink chart over time SHOULD look
    +I'm not ingesting something that I know is overall going to lead to a shorter life-span

    Basically this is my "I'm Starting OutPatient Rehab" post. I am currently coming down off what will hopefully be my last dose of stimulants for a long while, maybe even forever. I'm calling to get analyzed and then will start reporting to group 3x a week for 3 hours each time. My relationships with family, friends, and girlfriend will get stronger. However my relationship with my computer and SEO will most certainly suffer. I want to succeed hugely in SEO but I don't wnat to pay this large of a spiritual, physical and mental toll to get there.

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to get motivated without the use of uppers? Does anyone feel it's worth the toll to become extremely rich using speed and then retire at 40 to relax and be sober? Just looking for general advice here, so reply if you know/feel/are involved/know sombeobody involved with adderall, ritalin or stimulants!

    And wish me luck as I enter sobriety mode for a while, hopefully I can still have SEO success! Thanks for reading my shit
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    Uppers will not do anything for you man, the sooner you get off them the better anything you do will be. Initially may seem that a stimulant is helping you in your pursuit of something but it will always take more than it gives, this goes for any drug. Do yourself a favor and quit , it is going to suck initially.....but after a a few months you will feel way better overall, your SEO pursuit will thank you for it.
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    Uppers suck ass. I had to take adderall in high school and I hated it. At first I felt like a god and was working crazy hours and learning so much and got better grades, but then I started to get super skinny, my jaw and throat felt destroyed, and many more horrible side effects. I don't like feeling all jittery, so it was very easy for me to stop when I wanted to. I probably would be much farther along in my IM career if I were still to take it, but I would rather take my time and not destroy my body in the process.

    Hit me up on skype, want to talk about SEO :)

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    Very interesting post. I've got to say that I've had my run ins with Adderall, myself. I mainly just used it when I really wanted to accomplish something (usually a physical task rather than something related to IM) and it actually did me a bit of good for staying focused. Any crutch isn't quite worth it if there are negative side effects, though. Good luck with staying clean.