SEO Webinar - (Nov. 10, 2014) - (7PM - 8PM EST) - (Alex Becker and Kelly Felix)

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    i'll check this out, but it sound's like he's showing how to make those directory pages and sell ad space.

    if anyone else is interested. :D

    Mon, Nov. 10, 2014 (7PM - 8PM) EST

    Google is broken, and we are going to show you how to legally and ethically exploit it for cash, as quickly and easily as humanly possible.

    And if you're relying on Google for traffic, you'd better be prepared. Because there are several new rules that you need to follow if you want page 1 rankings.

    I've recently learned some VITAL nuggets of SEO insider info from Alex Becker and a few other underground SEO geniuses, and that's why...

    We are blowing the lid off of all the SEO myths out there. You can continue subscribing to dozens of
    guru newsletters and paid websites... Learning SEO "theory"... wasting a bunch of time and chasing a dream.

    Or you can find out the TRUTH, directly from us on Monday, Nov. 10th at 7pm EST.

    Alex and myself are a couple of guys who make a very good living from SEO every single day.
    And we're going to cover everything from A to Z. But note that this is one time only.

    It's time to find out EXACTLY what works, and exactly what doesn't work.

    On Monday November 10th at 7pm EST we are going to walk you through:

    - How to set up a simple site from scratch in a market that you already KNOW will crush it.
    (even if you suck at making websites)

    - How to pay someone almost nothing to write top notch content for your site.

    - How to rank a site that is ugly.

    - How to get paid by some dude in Iowa, or some lady in Wisconsin, in a town you've never heard of... because they want a link on your new site.
    (whether it's ugly or not)

    - How to have local businesses begging to pay you $1,000.+ in ADVANCE before you even write a single word on your new website.

    - How to never have to talk to those local businesses EVER... just email them your paypal account info and tell them not to bother you.

    - And lastly, and most importantly, how to outsource every single thing I mentioned above,
    so that you only need to work one hour per day.
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    Thanks for sharing, means I'm going to have to stay up late (starts 1AM for me) but sounds interesting so I've signed up.
    Keen to hear their thoughts on the evolving Google :)
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    300K per month webinair???

    No thanks i already make $5234876.98 per week

    Thanks for the offer though

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